JCB backhoe loaders are designed to cost you less. So for example, the innovative TorqueLock reduces fuel consumption by up to 25%. Hydraulic Speed Control (HSC) cuts off one hydraulic pump so you use less fuel when roading. And long service intervals added to inherent reliability mean lower main- tenance bills. Of course, we also offer flexible finance, insurance, warranty and service packages to assist business planning.

And finally three, residual value. Many take the elegant styling of JCB machines for granted. But there’s a reason for those sweeping curves, luxurious fittings and attention to every design detail. They convey the quality of the machine within. They say world number one. And when you add that to the power of the JCB brand, it means that our backhoe loaders have excellent residual value.

Now, more than ever, investing in the JCB backhoe loader makes good economic sense.