Underground Motor Grader


The BG 110-M was developed in collaboration with mining specialists especially for use in mining applications. With a height of only 1.80 m and an overall length without attachments of less than 7.40 m, it can be operated in even the smallest of mines in the world.

Thanks to the hydrostatic all-wheel drive, the driver can alternate the speed at will in that gear. A high starting torque ensures maximum thrust even at low speeds and motor revolution speeds. The 2-gear transmission in use enables the grader to move at a maximum speed of 33 km/h.

The open canopy design with its readily accessible controls provides excellent ergonomic working conditions for the operator and eliminates driver fatigue. The electrical equipment boasts a very high degree of protection for work underground. Several soot particle filters are available as optional accessories for the grader to ensure compliance with the strict environmental requirements in mining. The load-sensing hydraulic system in the BG 110-M supplies the loads only as required and affords a flow control independent of the load. This allows the control valves of the working hydraulics to be actuated simultaneously or independent of one another.

The BG 110-M is based on decades of Miller experience in the offers the user an instrument for mining maintenance-of-way applications both above and below ground and especially in tight conditions – a real mining expert.